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About Despina papadopoulos

Despina Papadopoulos is a designer, strategist and researcher and the founder of Principled Design. Her pioneering work in wearable technologies asks important questions about intimacy, desire and gesture. Her ability to seamlessly move from theory to practice, and her insistence on embodying ideas has enabled her to engineer unique solutions both in her own practice and for industry.

Her work is focused on finding the human edge of emerging technologies and imagining ways to make technology make sense to humans instead of making humans make sense to technology. She brings strategy, design and technology together in cohesive and actionable ways, translating objectives and process and ensuring buy-in for all stakeholders.

Part engineer, part artist and part philosopher, she can create a system’s map in her head and anticipate project needs. Her approach is deeply collaborative, a keystone of which is finding ways to articulate vision and mission and circulate it across organizational silos, fostering innovation by placing equal emphasis on ideas and action. By empowering teams to prototype and give a material vehicle to ideas, she is able to test ideas early and generate insights in a modular and agile manner.

Ultimately, her work is about communication and the way we tacitly interact with artifacts. In pursuing this exploration she makes her own award-winning artifacts that aim to elicit slightly altered perceptions and expand the limits of what technology can do and be. In making new products she imagines herself as an anthropologist of the future, observing emergent material cultures while always looking back and absorbing the past into things to come.

Despina is currently working on The Unruliness of Matter, turning the conceptual and the abstract into the tangible and sensory, as part of her practice-led research PhD at the School of Arts and Humanities, under the supervision of Professor Johnny Golding, Head of Radical Matter proto-Centre and Zowie Broach, Head of Fashion at the Royal College of Art, on a TECHNE Fellowship from the National Productivity and Innovation Fund in the UK.


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